Paying For Everything Wedding

Plan to utilize a charge card to pay for your wedding? Getting hitched is costly, so read this before you whip out the plastic for all those big deposits.

I have an admission to make: We paid for our wedding with a charge card.

Many people will tell you throughout the process of planning a wedding not to use a credit card, however it can save you money, and even provide insurance on some expenses, so why wouldn’t you!

It scary planning and paying for a wedding. We know. With all the issues I have been warned of such as Bridal Shops closing and not receiving your dress, or even damaging it or even vendors taking advantage of excited couples, we wanted to find a way to protect ourselves, our wedding, and our investment.

What they do not mention at the bridal shows or bridal blogs is that getting a credit card specifically for you wedding, may be the best way to protect yourself.

Many credit cards offer insurance on purchases, these even extend to wedding purchases if made using the card! Thats right, you can rest easily knowing that the insanely expensive dress you are buying, will be protected by purchasing insurance and if anything happens and it is not received, or in poor condition, most credit card companies will help you to return the item and get a full refund.

Along with protecting your purchases, putting expenses on your credit card gets you points. Depending on your card, you can rack up quite of few flyer miles, travel points, or cash-back. These can be used for many things like covering some wedding expenses or put towards your honeymoon.

Charge Responsibly

Our account of charging our wedding standard for many couples. Truth be told, as indicated by an ongoing report led by The Bunch and PayPal, 36% of couples paid for some portion of their wedding with a charge card.

Even if you have the cash to pay off your wedding in full, your missing out on all the great rewards! Just by making the charge on your card then paying the bill in full not only are you racking up tons of cash-back/travel bonuses, you are also improving your credit. By doing this you can utilize the large wedding bills to acquire rewards, money back or miles that can be use towards your honeymoon or future trips.

All this this is a great way to get some extras out of all those wedding expenses, you and your future spouse will need to create a system in advance and have an arrangement set up to pay off the expenses in a specified time frame.

Live Happily Ever After Without Debt

Before getting carried away and spending more than you can afford, be sure to access the value of each aspect together. Choose the top 3 most important details to both of you and create a plan so you are not jumping in without a budget in place.

On the off chance that you and your life partner to-be haven’t yet had a completely straightforward discussion about your particular accounts, including debts both of you brings into the marriage, be sure to discuss this before they sneak into your marriage.

Ask yourselves, “What does spending deliberately on our large day look like to us?” to ensure you get that joyfully ever after in your new coexistence.